Monday, October 25, 2010

The Garden of God

One night I had a dream, and I found myself in the most enchanting place. The sweet smelling aroma of the flowers began to captivate my senses with their intoxicating fragrance; feeling lightheaded I sat down upon a rock beside the gentle flowing brook, overwhelmed and enraptured by the awesome beauty that surrounded me, it was as if it was wooing me to surrender all, and to gaze through the eyes of my heart not for just a quick glance but with a mutual expectation to finally see Him, face to face, the Lord of hosts who gave His life to set me free.

My heart began to flutter and then to skip a beat; as I exclaimed in wild wonder, oh yes, yes, to the One who has made my life complete. Tis the lover of my soul, the LORD my God, who has made me whole. Oh how the world below shall never know, let alone behold the beauty that is only found in You. Nor taste and experience the greatest love story ever to be told. Joyfully, I am devoted to the One we call faithful and true. King of kings, and LORD of lords, the One whom nothing can defeat.

O' my beloved, how Your love has ravished me, as it carries me away into the garden of God, a hidden paradise where Your love did pay the ultimate price. My soul began to sing, even as my heart beat in perfect harmony, to the rhythm of His love. O' my beloved bridegroom King, tis Your love that has set me free; Your love that truly amazes me.

If only I could capture the glorious splendor Father God, of the colors of Your love that are reflected in the brilliance of Your Son.Oh, how exquisite is the beauty of these rare and precious stones that You, my King have chosen for Your own great treasure. How can I truly convey the love that overflows from my heart today, or the awesome revelation that I too am one of many with whom You take such pleasure?

Tis my prayer O' LORD my God, that You will always be the apple of my eye, with whom I shall eternally delight myself in. And that You would make us all one with You, as You are one with our Father who art in heaven. For it is in Your holy and most blessed name that I do solemnly pray. Even as my soul rejoices with a song of gratitude on this glorious new eternal day.

Suddenly, I was awakened to finally discover the true desire of my heart. To return back to the beginning, from whence paradise forgotten did in fact first start. To truly come full circle, and to find myself hidden safely in the kingdom of God, resting under the sacred covering of His peaceful love. Eternally bound by a sacred vow, to the One who was sent to us all from God our Father above?

To finally adorn myself as His chosen bride, with the jewels and the garments of heaven divine; and to dance before His majestic splendor, as I too reflect the light that is the Son. Oh, to sing the song of love, to my beloved King; and to bring glory and honor to God our Father from where we all first begun. For I am eternally faithfully Yours, as You are mine.

©2010 Sharlyn K. Castillo

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